gambar kemaluan gadis melayu boleh diraba semaunya hanya di tepi jalanraya

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gambar kemaluan gadis melayu boleh diraba semaunya hanya di tepi jalanraya Gadis Melayu Bogel Malaysia Dan Indonesia

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17 Responses to “gambar kemaluan gadis melayu boleh diraba semaunya hanya di tepi jalanraya”

  1. By Nick faizz on Jan 10, 2011

    Nk tngok je

  2. By marzelina ahmad marzuki on Feb 17, 2011

    siapa nak jamah saya? saya rasa macam nak gila sekarang, hanya computer ini dapat tenangkan kepala saya

  3. By Aksi Budak Sekolah on Feb 18, 2011

    erm, tengok je… xmau lebih…

  4. By jebon on Feb 28, 2011

    marzelina, care to send me your contact info?

  5. By haikal on Feb 28, 2011

    dapat skodeng cikgu less di pusat sumber bercumbuan ya ya ya ya ya

  6. By mazwan zaini on Mar 28, 2011

    saya rasa cerita di atas di tulis oleh anak dato eskay taukey kambing dari Naka, english dia memang power dan jadi kebanggaan SMK Naka,

  7. By marzelina ahmad marzuki on Apr 28, 2011

    Managing epilepsy – aiming for seizure freedom by Dato Dr Azmi Abdul Rashid
    Updated: 24-04-2011, 05:56:53
    Epilepsy is a common serious neurological condition affecting some 50 million people worldwide. Caused by a disruption in brain activity, epilepsy can affect anyone at any stage of life.
    It is estimated that in Malaysia, up to 1% of the population is affected. Experts fear that many sufferers go undiagnosed, especially in rural areas. The failure to seek treatment is largely linked to issues of stigma and discrimination held by society and even by those with epilepsy themselves.
    Often, sufferers seek unscientific modes of treatment, such as spiritual healing and traditional medicine.
    Epileptic attacks should be suppressed for several reasons. Apart from prevention of injury caused by falling or biting the tongue, frequent seizures impair memory and academic performance.
    Epilepsy can also be fatal, usually as a direct result of a seizure (sudden unexpected death in epilepsy or SUDEP). The death rate in people with epilepsy is two to three times higher than in the general population. The unpredictable nature of the attacks may have serious repercussions on employment and family life.
    Diagnosing epilepsy
    There is no single test that can prove or disprove whether someone has epilepsy. The most important method that doctors rely on to diagnose epilepsy is the assessment of the patient’s medical history, together with eye witness accounts as patients often cannot describe the incident themselves.
    Other tools that aid in diagnosis include blood tests, brain scans and electrical readings of the brain called electroencephalograms (EEG). These diagnostic tools also help eliminate other conditions that may be confused with epilepsy. These include migraine, minor strokes and panic attacks.
    Treating epilepsy – present options
    At present, there is no cure for epilepsy. However it can be controlled in about 70% of cases via treatment. While the aim of epilepsy treatment is to stop seizures completely, in some cases this is not possible and a reduction in seizure frequency and severity becomes the aim.
    According to Dato Dr Azmi Abdul Rashid, medical experts and senior consultant neurologist, Damansara Specialist Hospital, seizures are deemed to be “controlled” if a patient has no more than one seizure in two years.
    The most common mode of treatments is via medication or anti-epileptic drugs (AEDs), which are designed to restore the chemical imbalance in brain cells that result in excessive electrical activity and leads to seizures.
    The doctor’s choice of which drug to prescribe depends on what kind of seizure a person is having as different drugs control different types of seizures. Other factors to consider include the patient’s medical history, his/her other medications and whether the patient is a female of childbearing age.
    In a small percentage of patients, where medican is not successful in preventing seizures, other methods may be tried.
    Sugery is one such option. However, according to Dato Dr Azmi, only 5% of epilepsy patients qualify for surgery and the pre-requisites are strict. Amongst the qualifying criteria include the presence of lesions that cause the seizures, a record of compliance with medication and an IQ of above 70.
    Other options include a special ketogenic diet. Mainly prescribed for children under 10 years of age, the diet is high in fat, and low in carbohydrate and protein, which results in ketosis. This ketotic state, which minics the effects of starvation or fasting, exerts an anti-epileptic effect, through its precise mechanism of action is not completely understood.
    Another option is vagus nerve stimulation (VNS), which involves the implantation of a generator that stimulates the vagus nerve and thus reduces seizure activity. The vagus nerve is one of 12 pairs of cranial nerves (i.e. nerves that originate in the brain).
    Other than treatment, patients can manage their condition with proper rest, regular meal times and sleeping hours. If their epilepsy can be brought on by specific triggers (for example, bright lights) then they should avoid these triggers. Patients are also advised to abstrain from excessive alcohol intake as this can cause breakthrough seizures from interaction with the medication.
    Treating and managing epilepsy by “natural” means alone (for example with herbal remedies) is not proven and may be dangerous.
    Aiming for seizure freedom – a patient’s prerogative
    According to Dato Dr Azmi, the goal of all epilepsy treatment is to have no seizures at all, avoid side effects, and make it possible to lead a normal, active life.
    Where AEDs are concerned, there are many types of medication and side effects will vary from patient to patient. Some experience side effects, other may not. Some patient’s bodies break down medicines at a faster or slower rate than the average person. Some patients’ seizures will respond well to a particular drug while others will continue to have seizures.
    With all these variations, it may take some time to find exactly the right dose of the right drug to control seizures. As such, patients should play a keen role in understanding the various types of medication available and what combination works best for them. Patients should aim to have no seizures at all and with no side effects.
    In aiming for seizure freedom, patients are advised to ask their doctors about the drugs they are prescribed, what to watch out for and what to do if problems arise.
    Common side effects of AEDs
    All medicines can cause side effects. Drugs that prevent seizures can cause side effects too, even though many people take them for long periods of time with no unpleasant side effects at all.
    Some side effects like tiredness or nausea are more likely to happen when a drug is first started, but may go away later on. Other side effects may occur because of interaction between two or more drugs.
    The side effects that a patient will experience will also depend on the type of drug. Such side effects include weight gain, cognitive impairment and interaction with a wide range of drugs.
    Some people have an allergic reaction, like a rash, to a drug. The reaction may be caused by only a small amount of the drug. When this happened, a different drug may have to be used instead.
    Patients who are taking several different drugs to prevent seizures should ask their doctors if they can be suitably treated with one drug. These days, doctors are advised to gradually discontinue ineffective or poorly tolerated drugs so that patients are maintained on as few drugs as possible. By Arina.

  8. By johari hassan on May 4, 2011

    Komen anda sedang ditapis.
    Wahai Dr Azmi bin Abdul Rashid doktor pakar otak dari Damansara Specialist ketahuilah bahawa engkau adalah seorang manusia jahat dan pengkhianat kerana merampas isteri orang, kau adalah seorang islam yang munafiq kerana berpura pura baik serata alim tetapi perangai macam syaitan, dan lebih hina dari binatang. Dr Azmi seekor syaitan yang bertopengkan manusia. Menggunakan pelbagai penyamaran dan mencari mangsa di internet ini. Sudah banyak gadis, janda, isteri orang digoda oleh Dr Azmi laknat ini menggunakan keduddukan. Penggoda isteri orang dengan menggunakan kedudukan sebagai doktor pakar otak dari damansara specialist yang tiada otak. adalah suatu perbuatan durjana. Ya Allah aku doakan dia dimasukan ke neraka dan kekal didalamnya kerana meruntuhkan rumah tangga orang islam yang lain. Aku memohon kepada Allah supaya melaknat Dr Azmi kerana telah menzalimi saudara ku dan hidupnya tidak aman di dunia ini. Dia menggunakan rezeki wang membayar khidmat peguam mengugut ugut saudara ku agar melepaskan isterinya. Lantas dia rampas iparku, dan bernikah dalam edah, pernikahan mereka tidak sah. Menggunakan kekayaan dan menunjuk nunjuk serta manusia bongkak,, Ya Allah tariklah rezeki dari Azmi yang durjana ini. Jadikanlah dia manusia yang bodoh serta hina, dan tidak layak di gelar doktor pakar otak kerana dia ini berotak binatang. Saudara ku akan menuntut haknya kelak di akhirat terhadap perbuatan jahat Azmi gila, amin amin

  9. By mencari cahaya on May 6, 2011

    entah2 ipar awak tu yang mmg tergila2 kan doktor pakar tu?

  10. By taman penggawa on May 9, 2011

    mencari cahaya, elok awak berdiam diri sahaja, kami semua tahu kemaluan awak busuk

  11. By psycoman on May 9, 2011

    dua2 manusia itu mmg gila otak. Sorang Pakar otak dan sorang lagi seorg yg pysco yg juga meruntuhkan rumahtangga orang lain dgn penipuan kaunseling perkahwinan.such a bitch lady. Sudah elok la jodoh mereka krn sama2 bernafsu dan berkiblatkan syaitan.

  12. By dum dum on May 9, 2011

    aku conpius apa kaitannya topic epilepsy di paparkan diblog ini..murahnye kamu Arina.

  13. By justin on Jun 13, 2011

    kira jadi la tu..

    Gambar Melayu Panas!

  14. By milami on Jun 17, 2011

    saya mencari info tetek

  15. By taman penggawa on Jul 29, 2011

    Hubungan azmi goblok dan marzelina puki tidak bertahan lama kerana bantuan jin, azmi gila dah makan nasi kangkang marzelina, Kekuatan sex azmi babi tidak hebat kerana terpaksa menatap gambar gambar lucah sebelum mengawan Marzelina. Puki marzelina memang tidak puas sejak akhir akhir ini. Azmi keluar pintu depan, Marzelina keluar pintu belakang cari bangla,,, jadilah macam kesah mona gersang. Awaslah Azmi, Marzelina ini banyak pakai bomoh untuk bodohkan kau, terima lah balasan,,,

  16. By kiddd00 on Mar 1, 2012

    marzelina ahmad marzuki , awak nak suruh orang jamah awak?….awak ni makanan ke? – sory walaupun dah lama tp baru terjumpa orang suruh jamah orang hehe – jgn marah

  17. By matron on Apr 9, 2012

    Kisah lucah Azmi sewel dan Marzelina adalah skandal sex masa kini yang hangat dibicarakan diseluruh hospital kerajaan dan juga swasta, dan juga sekolah sekolah menengah di Malaysia. Dr Azmi sewel memang mempunyai hobi yang agak pelik dan ajaib iaitu mengurat isteri orang. Dr Azmi suka berkhayal khayal di Hospital dan menonton video lucah dalam computer riba selepas waktu pejabat, kadang kala suka mengajak nurse nurse untuk turut menonton dan akan di berikan hadiah yang mahal mahal seperti kain sutera dan juga tas tangan berjenama. Dia amat pemurah dengan nurse yang muda dan akan sentiasa memberi hadiah sekiranya tidak membocorkan rahsia kelucahan beliau di hospital, Dr Azmi gila selalu berlagak bodoh ala ala Mr Bean dan bertanyakan soalan soalan menjurus ke arah hubungan kelamin.

    Hubungan dengan Marzelina terjalin setelah bertemu dalam internet. Marzelina mempergunakan kebodohan Azmi dengan dengan ubat guna guna ilmu syaitan bagi memikat hati Azmi dan lari dari Dr Basri, suami asalnya. mereka berskandal ketika Marzelina masih isteri Dr Basri yang sah. Marzelina meminta simpati dari azmi bodoh dengan mengatakan dr Basri suka meliwat beliau ketika bersama, Demi menyelamatkan seorang sahabat Azmi sanggup mencari peguam untuk mengugut Basri menceraikan Marzelina dan bernikah dalam edah di thailand, Walau sudah kahwin hidup mereka tidak aman, kasih sayang di bina atas khianat ilmu hitam dan ubat guna guna. Marzelina merasakan amat menyesal terhadap pernikahan ini kerana anak anaknya tidak bersetuju, dr Azmi juga tidak hebat di ranjang berbanding dengan dr basri yang sasa tubuh badanya bekas pemain rugbi Univerisiti Malaya, Marzelina sentiasa merindukan hubungan sex seperti sediakala dengan Dr basri yang penuh kejantatan dan tuntutan batin wanitanya dituruti. Lain pula denga azmi yang lemah, dan cepat terpancut dan cepat tidur berdengkur setelah bersetubuh dengan Marzelina.

    Bagi Azmi pula ia menyesal berkahwin dengan Marzelina kerana hidupnya terus di kongkong oleh isteri gila ini. dia tidak dapat mengorat nurse, dan juga isteri orang lain seperti sediakala. Dia merasa amat takut pada Marzelina, dan haampir separuh gaji bulanannya diberikan pada Marzelina dlm RM15,000 sebulan sebabai simpanan hari tua. Perkiraannya cukup mudah, Marzelina mahukan komitmen dari Azmi demi hari tua kerana pernikahan ini tidak di persetujui ramai pihak. Adalah lebih selamat jika duit gaji azmi itu disimpan sendiri oleh Marzelina, Azmi bersetuju dalam paksa kerana amat takut pada Marzelina,, apa yang lebih takut apabila Marzelina mengugut tidak mahu tidur bersama atau bunuh diri. Azmi memang di pukau semasa di katil di mana Marzelian amat pandai berpura pura mengosok manja azmi yang tak sedar diri di tipu oleh isteri sendiri

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